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Manhattan Review has been the test prep industry's number one pioneer in providing trusted and reliable LSAT prep since its inception in 1999. We have a proven history of academic success and are proud to have been instrumental in our students' acceptance to top-tier Ivy League universities in the United States such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, as well as venerated universities in Switzerland, such as ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, and University of Geneva. Former Manhattan Review students from Switzerland now have highly rewarding careers in almost every industry and field. Many go on to work for Fortune 500 companies, while some have started their own businesses, succeeding in the entrepreneurial and startup world. In Switzerland alone, students have gone on to work with highly respected companies such as Glencore, Novartis, ABB, and Cargill International SA, among many more. Other scholars and academics have begun their public-sector careers as educators, researchers, and government officials. At Manhattan Review, we are committed to assisting you realize your full potential and live your dreams, wherever your career will take you, be it Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, and beyond.

Manhattan Review's LSAT prep course draws upon our many years of experience tutoring Swiss students from a wide diversity of backgrounds to excel on the test. We're familiar with the various teaching strategies and materials and have distilled the essentials to help you meaningfully increase your score. Our thorough understanding of the LSAT, its format and expectations is exceptional and unparalleled in the test prep world. We've created effective methods and a practical approach to the exam to help ease your mind come test day. Based on our intimate knowledge of cutting-edge test prep techniques, we've honed them into a highly effective course to help you not just maneuver the LSAT, but master it.

Manhattan Review's LSAT prep classes give our Swiss students a thorough understanding of how the test itself is formatted, how to approach each section methodically, and how to make the most of study time to yield top-notch results. Unlike some other investments, you will get back what you put in.

Best LSAT Instructors in Switzerland

Manhattan Review's LSAT instructors are hired through a comprehensive, and thorough screening process. Other test prep companies throughout Switzerland might simply just put an emphasis on a prospective instructor's test scores; however, for us, test scores are only the starting point in hiring new instructors. We also look for academic achievement, professional success, a contagious passion for teaching, and compelling and diverse personal backgrounds. We pride ourselves in retaining well-rounded LSAT teachers in the Zurich, Switzerland, and beyond.

Many of our LSAT teachers are graduates of esteemed schools such as Harvard, Stanford, ETH Zurich, and the University of Geneva, just to name a few. However, we also realize that the most selective institutions do not have a monopoly on talent. Our tutors have distinguished themselves in many different regards, in various areas and can offer fresh perspectives on how to approach the test with their own LSAT experience, as well as our detailed course outline. At Manhattan Review, we value instructors with a sharp eye for precision with a nuanced personal experience of the exam.

Our tutors genuinely enjoy contributing to your academic success alongside your test-taking skills. They are well aware taking the LSAT is for hardworking and determined people, and aiding Zurich students in that journey is beyond rewarding. In addition to their academic prowess, our instructors also have active and fulfilling lives outside of work, with diverse hobbies and interests that make them thoughtful, accessible, well-rounded and approachable. At Manhattan Review, our teachers are more than just a high test score; they're an inspiration.

History of Review History

The early beginnings of Manhattan Review began at Columbia Business School in 1999 when Joern Meissner, then a doctoral student at the university, earned a widespread reputation for breaking down advanced and complicated subjects in an accessible and easy to understand manner while giving lectures to MBA students. A handful of these students thought that Meissner's teaching style would translate well to delivering test preparation for graduate school admissions tests such as the LSAT. They challenged him to come up with a method of prep that was better than their own unproductive and lackluster experiences. Meissner responded by creating original lectures that covered LSAT, GRE, and GMAT material from a different yet concise and simplified perspective. Students recognized that his perspective was far superior to the boring memorization and dull tricks offered by other prep companies.

Since then, Manhattan Review has grown into a well-respected international educational services company, with branches not just in Zurich, but all across Switzerland and in major European, North American, Asian, and Australian cities. Our offerings have grown to include prep courses and private tutoring for the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, SSAT, ACT, ISEE, TOEFL, and IELTS, in addition to admissions consulting and application services. We offer our students in-depth knowledge of higher education and standardized testing while providing a holistic context to Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne, as well as the other cities in which we serve.

About our Founder

Joern Meissner is an internationally renowned business school professor with a Diploma in Business Management at the University of Hamburg and a PhD in Management Science at Columbia Business School in New York City, one of the top Ivy League Schools. Upon completing his doctoral degree, Meissner chose the career trajectory of an academic and has now more than 25 years of experience as a postsecondary educator. His passion for teaching is evident, and he has taught business courses at the University of Hamburg, Lancaster University Management School, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, and the University of Mannheim. Meissner's own research on supply chain management, dynamic pricing, and revenue management has been published in several well-known and respected academic journals. While Professor Meissner thoroughly enjoys his research, he believes that understanding an idea is only half of the fun; imparting knowledge to others is even more fulfilling. This philosophy was foremost to the establishment of Manhattan Review, and continues to remain its most valued principle today.

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